True Skate APK – Download 1.5.13 (Everything is Free) 2020

True Skate APK: For the fans of famous sports skateboarding, it is a beautiful and enjoyable game for all the players. It is full of entertainment and thrill. You will find all that in the view. With the features of customization on your Android devices, it delivers the most immersive 3D skating experiences. Hundred of skateboards that comen in many shape and sizes. In a massive collection of different skate parks, do test your skating capability.

True Skate APK


To be able to play the game, it is truly a blast. It is full of fun and enjoys the multiple skate parks, skateboards, and customizable skating style. They add more variety of the game.


There are some features of this game you inevitably take an interest in.

Authentic Physics

It is a very accurate game. You will be surprised to find it in the game physics. If you are a skateboarder in real life, then you will be easily differentiated between this game and another skateboarding game. On his board, they all resemblance the authentic movements of a skateboarder. Through this game, you not only enjoy but also you will learn more things about the skateboard.

Realistic Gameplay

This game comes with incredibly realistic gameplay if it talks about authentic physics, which features almost every element of skateboarding. By using your fingers to swipe on the screen to keep your board moving, you will have to accelerate. Compare with other titles; it is an entirely different experience. Bt switching the components and gears to upgrade it to are free to make changes to your skateboard.

Customizable Deck

Whatever you like, you are free to change your deck’s graphics, especially for those who love to express their styles through skateboarding. Replace with new arts. If you realize that the old method is not that much relaxed, you can easily wipe up the paints. The paint would gradually fade away if you scuff off your deck too much to the ground, keep it in mind.

Hundreds Of Skate Parks

Features different types of ledges, rails, and stairs to practice one, you will have access to a beautiful skate park when you started the game. They also provide access to hundreds of other skate parks if you think the challenge is tough in True Skate. You will not get bored while playing this game. True Skate APK provides the opportunity to get unlockable parks for free.

Exciting Challenges

It provides hundreds of exciting and full of fun missions to the players. You can have access to even more playable content if you unlock a new skate park. You can unlock incredible gears and accessories that can give your skateboard a significant boost in performance you would have access to valuable prizes by completing the different challenges.


It is a game with 3D graphics and It gives you more realistic graphics. It delivers more skateboarding experiences. You can be seen in any skate park in life. All are authentic.


It is a game for skateboard loving peoples. Also, for those who love the art of adventure and sport. Without having to go through grueling training hours complicated techniques, you can be a good skater on your phone, so please do not skip this game go and download it for enjoying right now with zdroidapk.