Granny MOD APK Download 1.7.3 [ Updated 2020 ]

In search of Granny Mod APK? Before it lets talk about the game before. Granny is the best-renowned horror game for android. It is a survival horror game that revolves around the stealth gameplay. Insan blind old women keep you chasing and she can hear anything. Moreover, a bear with dropping leg-mangling and a bat help her in it.

She keeps on shambling in the house of two-stories. You are kept in jail and you have to escape from it within 5 days. If you complete the mission, you win and goes to the next level. However, if you fail, you have to do the round again. At the last Granny catches you from the door by unlocking it.

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Granny MOD APK

You will escape the house by finding the keys in the whole place and avoiding the Granny. You have to look all over the house for keys and tool to escape. If granny hears you doing this or she catches you, then run and escape or have your head bashed in. This game is the ugliest and scary game on the app store.

You will have five chances to get your task done! Granny will not let you escape and the main focus is your little sounds and traces that will let you trap by her. Therefore, sound is a big deal here. Talking furthermore about the game, you will enjoy it if you love horror scenario. To get indulge in the game more, put headphones and play it midnight in a dark room alone.


If we have a look on the app, it is a very light app and your cell will not be affected from it. The file is just 250 MBs nearly. This app is from Arcade games. The devices that are compatible with this game include iPad, Android, and iPhone. This is for free, you do not have to pay a single penny for the game. However, it contains in-app ads. This game comes under the adventure topic.

It was released in 2 February 2018. Since then, it is leading in the world of games specially hero games. The publishers of the game are Dennis Vukonavic.

The minimum software requirements to install the game are iOS 7.0 or next version. In addition, for android, it is 4.0 or up to it. The game was last updated on 18th of April 2019. Some new features were added in the game. The version of the game 1.2. The game is recommended for kids with 13+ but most of the parents recommend it for 18+ as it is scary. There is no privacy policy of the game so you can use it freely. If we talk about any technical issues, you will face some during the game. The most annoying things are the ads that disturb you while playing. That will distract your on-going horror experience.

The game is not good for kids that are fearful form horror things. This is appropriate for kids with strong heart and brave ones. The Granny in the game is the full-time horror character. While the gameplay, the horror sounds and ugly features of the Granny will scare you. So be brave while playing the game. It is a scary nightmare more than a game.

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 Download Granny MOD APK

Granny has new features that are now paid. If you are looking for Granny Mod APK with the latest features for free you have landed on the right page. People are going crazy to download the modified game without any headache. This is the best place to get it effortlessly, with no bank details or no penny in your hands. To download the game follow the down listed instructions:

  1. Open our site
  2. Go the download button
  3. Click on it
  4. The file will start downloading
  5. What benefits will you get after downloading the file from our site?
  6.  love the hacks after getting the file installed. You will get:
  7. You will be invisible in the game whenever you want
  8. Compatible to all versions of android and iOS
  9. You can mute your sounds so that Granny will not be able to hear it
  10. You will get all these without rooting your android device
  11. It is totally safe for your cell
  12. Any of your apps will not be affected after installing it
  13. It is very easy to install
  14. You will get the auto-update feature

Note: You have to install the file separately in your device after downloading it!

How to Install

Downloaded the file but still unable to use the hacks? Everyone faces this common issue after getting the file in the cell. You should ask it, that is your right!
I have a simple and quick solution to your problem. Go to your downloads, search the file and open it. Click on the run administrator and open it directly. Click on the Next button until it pop-up and you are all done. The file will be installed and enjoy the game hacks.

Mod Features

  • You have the right to know what you will get in this package. What are the benefits to get this file? All these
  • questions come to the mind of users. We have thus enlisted the features for you to remove all your confusions.
  • You will unlock all the hidden features of the game.
  • You will ever explore every corner of the house.
  • This APK file will let you hide from the scary Granny
  • Granny could not hear your voice after using this file
  • This will give you the best solutions to scroll the house fully
  • The best advantage is that you will have zero damage all over

What’s New

What new will you get in the file? This is the most asked question and it is your right to get know about the new features. This game has a zombie Granny that will be chasing you continuously to capture you and kill you. After installing the file, Granny Mod APK, you will able to give a tough time to Granny. This app is like an icing on the cake from which the user can get the advantages. You will become the best player using these hacks and will give your opponents an open challenge. You will go long in the game as the damages are less and survival is more.


All you need to get the APK file is the game installed in your cell phone. Get an android or an iOS device either iPhone and iPad. Install the game and get the APK file from internet using our given link, and enjoy new hacks. So basic requirements are cell phones, internet and the download file to kick the Granny out of the house.


Kids and parents both have good reviews about the game. Parents mostly do not let the kids to play it as it is very horror but the player of the games loved it a lot. I have reviewed a player comment about the game, he said that the game is terrifying, I felt scary when I saw my 6 years old boy playing it. Another player narrated that I will not recommend this game for kids as it is not for them, they will get scared easily. This game includes blood spots, jump scares and cryptic quotes. In my view, it is a best mobile horror based game.

General FAQ’s

Will this file harm our cell phones?

This is a very light file, it will not interrupt your personal data and do not need any premises to your gallery or other apps. In addition, we do not have any privacy policies so feel free to use this file. It is harmless for your device.

What is the size of the APK file?

The APK file is very light in its size. Its total size depends on the features it have, at every update, it will occupy more space in your phone. The initial file is of 97.8 MBs.
Can we kill the Granny with this APK?
Granny is an unbeatable character of the game. You can hide form it, uncover the hidden places, retain your energy or have less injuries but you cannot kill the Granny in the game.
How long will it go with us free?
The APK file is free for whole life. You will get all new features free and can use the hacks in the game.

Final Words

For adventure lover, Granny is the best and most recommended game. You will have the thrilling experience throughout the game. Granny Mod APK will let you enjoy all unrevealed features of the game. The game features look like real one and make you scary. With the APK file you will discover the every corner of the house and Granny will be less harmful to you. So download the game and enjoy the new features without worry of getting caught up with zdroidapk!


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