Fallout Shelter MOD APK – Download 1.13.25 (Unlimited Everything) 2020

Fallout Shelter MOD APK: The horror and devastation of nuclear weapons a few can survive when the war outbreaks. From the power of the nuclear blast, the ordinary shelters would not be enough to protect you. For the protection of people, there will be a need for some better security. The survivor of all humanity the underground bases are born and quickly become.

Fallout Shelter MOD APK

Here the game is offering all the thrilling features:

Create Your Underground Vault

Being a great leader you should provide a bright future to the underground bases. Develop your vault with new technologies. For supervising the areas you have to collect resources and having dwellers as well. For the construction of new facilities expand your base. You have to provide the needed services and upgrade your vaults. Willing fo a bright future makes sure they are happy.

Engage With Your Dwellers The Best You Can

You can engage with every individual on the base which the game introduces in-depth simulation gameplay. You have to observe them first to stay in contact with them. Assign them carefully for ideal jobs, first of all, find out their strong points, interest, and weakness. Make sure their work completes what have you told to them. Provide the requirements of the people and collect resources.

Make Uses Of Your Crafting Capabilities

It would be a good idea to recycle the junks that you find where resources are expansive stuff in the world. In your inventory turn the worthless junks into useful raw materials or upgradable parts you can explore features in fallout. Scientists can apply good technologies to crafting by enhancing your crafting abilities by investing in researches.

Explore The Exciting Customize Options

To make varied customization on their dwellers the game even goes as far as allowing gamers. How the people in your base look you can easily customize. By visiting the barbershop often you can provide them new haircuts. Clothes you can collect from the shop dress them up. By giving them new ideas you can customize how their rooms look like.

Expand And Advance Your Underground Base

Expand your base and running, it is time to make that happy utopia. Start it by many workers and make sure that they have a good and useful set of tricks and skills. You should have your Radio Room constructed than you can attract more workers. Dwellers that are scattering all around the surface you can contact them by using Radio Room. Confirm that you get the right one with useful tricks.

Visual And Sound Quality


It is suitable even for low-end devices. The game would not be with poor graphics. You can get an accurate graphics effect. You can easily interact with characters in the base and make them friends.


Fallout Shelters allows gamers to truly immerse themselves in the exciting adventure of the post-apocalyptic survivors, with powerful and impactful music. As you immerse yourself into the truthful audio experiences explore all the aspects of their lives.


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